30 Minutes with a Trainer Kite – $25

Intro Lesson – $100

Water or Snow Lesson – $250

Full Lesson – $300

  • Wind window
  • Equipment setup/ breakdown
  • Kite placement
  • SAFETY (wind direction, location evaluation, safety equipment)
  • Launching/ landing
  • Hands-on flying the kite
  • Extended WATER TRAINING – $100/ hour

    • Water safety
    • Self rescue
    • Body dragging
    • Powerstroking
    • Water relaunch
    • Board theory
    • Intro to board

    Advanced skill training (with own equipment) $75/ hour

    • Upwind
    • Transitions
    • Jumps
    • Tricks

    Kite Instructors:

    Head Instructor:

    Alex Dombroski 39yrs old.

    From: Ann Arbor, Mi

    Alex has been kiting for 13 years.

    A PASA certified instructor and has been helping make kiteboarders for 12 years.

    For more info on kite lessons give us a call 734-222-4704


    Skateboarding Lessons:

    Stop in and find out a faster way to master your sk8 skills!

    Private instruction – $30/hr

    We also carry a full selection of instructional dvd’s, balance trainers, and don’t forget about the soft-trucks!

    SUP Lessons:

    Private instruction – $50/hr

    Group instruction – Contact the store for pricing

    Call Us: 734-222-4704

    Snowboarding Lessons:

    Contact shop for more information

    Call Us: 734-222-4704