Snow Gel - Yellow Snow
[snow gel] [makes up to 5 gallons!!!] [build a snow park in your back yard!]



fake snow. for real!

Getting Started with SnowGel

SnowGel was formulated specifically for backyard/urban skiing and snowboarding.
• Place a single-pak of SnowGel into a 5 gallon pail.
• Fill with about 4 gallons of water, then stir, until snow forms. Do not fill to top.
• Then, add water accordingly, stir again, until desired consistency is achieved.
• Each single-pak makes 5 gallons. Add more water for wetter, slush-like, snow.
• Or, for less stirring, add water first, then SnowGel. Let stand for 5 minutes. Stir for a minute, then
add a little more water if needed. Results may vary due to climate, so experiment for best results.
For larger quantities, add a 6-pak to a 32 gallon container, with water. Makes 30 gallons.
Note: Mix with a paint stirring drill-attachment or by hand with a wooden or plastic stir stick. To prevent
electrical shock, DO NOT use an electric drill that plugs into a wall outlet. Use a battery powered cordless
drill. Remember, you are working with water, so be safe.
• Pre-wet carpet with a spray nozzle, attached to your garden hose.
• Pick-up or, if too heavy to lift, simply tip over your 5 gallon pail and apply directly to your outdoor
carpet system. Do not spill over the sides of the carpet.
• Use carpet or a tarp for landing area, to keep your skis/snowboard clean from dirt and debris.
• You may groom SnowGel, by hand or with tools, to maximize use. The approach carpet is more
important to keep slick, with gel. You may also add SnowGel to the sweet-spot of the landing area;
the average point of landing. Mist with water and groom, when necessary.
• When not in use, place a cover/tarp over SnowGel or put back into a sealable container for later
use. During long durations of non-use, place in a sealable container.
• Do not leave exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Material can dry out and harden. But,
even if it hardens into granules, it can still be reconstituted by adding to a container water. Start
with a small amount of water and add accordingly. Give some time for granules to fully absorb.
• Wash off your skis and/or snowboard after use.
• If you remove SnowGel from your carpet system, spray off excess gel to prevent hardening.
Once again, covering or containing SnowGel during non-use greatly extends its life. Mist with water to
reconstitute moist SnowGel. Biodegradable, safe and non-toxic.
Warning: Extremely slippery. Do not walk or run on any surface containing SnowGel, even grass. Do
not leave SnowGel where an unsuspecting person could slip and fall. Adult supervision required.

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